BOOK // Pivot

I found this book when I was listening to the Good Life Project. The author of the book, Jenny Blake, is a guest on the show and she talks about how careers these days are much more fluid and adaptable than they used to be. She explains how common it is to feel confused and even paralyzed by the changes, the closing doors distracting us from the open ones.

It helps you focus your jumbled up thoughts and ideas, helps you narrow in on what truly fulfills you and how far you currently are from it. It’s a book that keeps you active, keeps you thinking and helps you overcome the fear of the present by strategizing and getting excited about the future.

I don’t know anyone who jumped right into their perfect career, so why do we have the expectations that we will? Opening this book has opened my mind and motivated me, not by giving me the answer, but by helping me dig it out of myself.